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Pixel Art Assets to easy build  own level  with all elements what you need.

- Easy Tileset to build your level at 16x16 pixels 
- Decorative objects
- Animated torch and candle


Asset from the collection:
Rogue Fantasy Castle

else of my WORK - https://szadiart.itch.io

--- License for Everyone ---

Public domain and free to use, personal or commercial. 
Credit is not required but appreciated. You can edit, 
but not resell the asset pack (original or changed).

.PNG and .PSD file included.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(39 total ratings)
AuthorSzadi art.
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Fantasy, Hack and Slash, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Tilemap, Tileset, Top-Down, Top Down Adventure


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RF_Catacombs_v1.0.zip 512 kB


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Great job, used it in one of my games. Thank you !!! 


Thank you ^^

I recommend you to add

8x8 tag, if it is 8x8 size

16x16 tag, if it is 16x16 size

32x32 tag, if it is 32x32 size




It's very beautiful! Can I use a couple of tiles in my project? Sorry for not making a donation :(


it's free, public, no credit required but it is appreciated. It say's that in the description?

Very cool!


Um, so what would be the split up on this? I know it's not 16x16 on a 1080 sheet. How many tiles per row/column to get this cleanly cut up?

For some reason it's not downloading for me so i'm just going to take the sample animations and textures and somehow make a game with it (on scratch)

Thank you so much for this! It looks beautiful, it's perfect for my game, it's well made, and it's free! Thank you!

will these work in Game Maker Studio 2?

hey i just wanted to know can i resize them to 64x64 in gamemaker studio ?


hey so I am not the creator of this but you can very much so do so! When you add it to gamemaker studio 1 or 2 then click to the top of image button and then go down to edit image size i believe and on the bottom left of that new panel is the dimensions of the photo. so if you change that to 64 and 64 it will scale to that with the canvas as well! this may sound complex but if you really just read it and pay attention to what i said it should be fine! this is a bit late but i hope this helps!! 

Can ı use some of these my own games? Maybe when ıt finished, ı ll publish for free.

just  question, does unity 2d support 16 by 16?

Yes, you just need to adjust your pixel per unite.

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Your license terms are legally ambiguous. “Public domain” means that you give up all right to dictate terms like “but not resell the asset pack”.

(And, in some jurisdictions like Germany, you can’t put things into the public domain prematurely, so when that’s actually intended, you have to use the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) public domain dedication, which falls back to some legal hackery to grant an equivalent license. See this analysis for details.)

…and the “You can use this asset personally and commercially.” terms on your other free assets are legally problematic because some jurisdictions fall back to “All Rights Reserved” if the terms are judged too vague instead of attempting to follow the creator’s intent like in the U.S.

i love this

This tileset looks amazing

Hey, I'm working on an Open Source Project and considered using some of your Assets for it. Is this fine under your License? It'd basically mean that we'd have to distribute a version of your work with the Source Code of the game we work on.

All in all, cool Assets :)

if you don't resell the asset original or modified that is ok. 

Will this work on RPG MAKER MV? 

If Rpg Maker MV support 16x16 tiles, then yes.

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I just looked it up. It's 48 x 48 by default

I think they look amazing! I like them just not the right size. :( 

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You can resize them by x3. 16 * 3 = 48.

Turn off resize filters to keep the pixels looking good (off is sometimes called nearest-neighbor and other names).

Besides resizing the tiles you will need to arrange them into RPG Maker MV tile maps (some of which are auto-tile maps).

👏👏 Love your work. So easy to work work with making maps.

Looks great. Do you have a specific license?

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Personally and commercially.

Even with how beautiful your "RPG Worlds" assets are it's good to see another "Rogue Fantasy" asset in the set.

César may have meant like the GameDevMarket license which basically allows royalty-free use the assets in commercial products as long as the assets are part of a product like a game or video and not re-sold as assets themselves.

Linking your asset pages to the appropriate license can eliminate a lot of uncertainty with potential customers. Common concerns:

Are the assets Royalty-free?

Can the assets be used in only one project per purchase or unlimited projects?


The license is free, but you can't only resell it (the original asset or changed)