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Can you also use it to auto tile in Godot?

The assets in the main folder does not match the assets shown here, you have to go into the unity project package to get those files.

Are there plans to create more of the RPG Worlds tilesets? Maybe a desert one, a fire/lava area one, etc?

Yes. But when?  When i finish one of my comission work. 

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hello, @Szadi! I'm one of your itch io followers. I had a bit of a request for your tilesets on itch io. could you release 48x48 versions of them for devs who use the RPG Maker MV/MZ game engines? I noticed the largest sizes you have is 32x32. if you could do add a 48x48 tileset size option too, that would really help me out a lot. I really love your art by the way. very pretty and vivid for pixel art.


~ "Kurochan" from KuroyukiDev Games


Also, I sent you a friend request in Discord a moment ago. I'd love to chat with you about game design and game art if you're cool with that.

Красивая работа ♥

I just purchased this really nice set; love it!  I do notice that on two of the promo images there is a cobblestone path.  I do not see it in the artwork I received.  It would be nice to have! (hopefully this is just me not seeing it)

Nvm! Found it.

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I think there is a mistake? Top rightcorner of Main_Lev_build. The transition from light grass to water got the wrong grass color. It should be light grass to water and not dark grass to water?

Yes, I will try to fix it as soon as possible. Thank you for catching an error.


Decided to take the plunge and buy the entire Rpg World set to show my support and hopefully make a game with them. Packs are very nice, but might take some work to get them to work in Rpg Maker. Would love to see some snow areas or more town details/shops.

If you made a base city pack in the RPG Worlds style, it would look so amazing! Just purchased your set and I am looking forward to your future releases! Thank you!

I am loving how the RPG worlds are shaping up; however, there are only 3 of them to make a complete game. Are you working on towns or dungeons?  

I'm working on caves, but when i'm done i don't know. I have a lot of other work not related to drawing.

No worries, life keeps us busy. I'll be picking these packs up; I just wanted to make sure the graphic set wasn't abandoned (it happens a lot). Great work though! ^_^


Es bellísimo!

Can you please confirm if any animations exist?  If not, can you please add some, particularly with water?  Otherwise, looks nice.


Sorry but no animation yet, if there will a lot interest of this asset, I will try to add something.

Fair enough.  If you do add animations, I will go ahead and make a purchase.  The graphics certainly look nice.