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currently  is support the auto tiling?

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So, i love the art. i actually bought both RPG worlds bundles 1 and 2. but i agree with Mac-gamer's post. I am somewhat new to tilesets and i have no clue how to integrate this into a tileset. any help would be appreciated. 

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It would be great if this could be setup to support auto tile logic by default. It's very confusing trying to sort out what pieces should connect in what way for the traditional auto tile 3x3 mapping. 


hey Mac, is this truely a 3x3? I'm having a difficult time trying to incorporate this in game maker studio 2.

I already but RPG bundle. I wonder can you update add tiles link between grass-sand-sea like seashore?

Haven't seen any characters and monsters that fit the 32x32 style. Are you creating some in the future? Or maybe someone can recommend?

Instant buy, Dessenheim here i come ! :D


I love your RPG worlds tilesets! Keep up the good work Szadi!