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Pixel Art Assets to easy build  own level  with all elements what you need.

- 5 Layer parallax Background
- Easy Tileset to build your level at 16x16 pixels 
- Decorative objects
- Flexible to use

"You can use this asset personally and commercially."

.PNG and .PSD file included.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorSzadi art.
Tags2D, Fantasy, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Tilemap


Get this asset pack and 6 more for $16.00 USD
View bundle
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On Sale!
70% Off
$8.00 $2.40 USD or more

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PF_DeepForest_v1.0.zip 2.4 MB


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Did someone find a way or software to handle such a complex tileset with an autotiling feature? Help is very appreciated!


Hey, I'm trying out Tiled's automapping feature and it seems like it's going to work decently, though I'm not through mapping the whole set yet. Feel free to poke me to see to check my progress.


Hey @srekel,

Would love to see how you deal with the asset in tiled. I found a way but wasn't really satisfied because i needed to leave so many parts unused. Not sure how to poke or contact someone on itch lol 😅


Sure :) Check out my progress here: https://twitter.com/Srekel/status/1297526551693664258 or come and chat on the Tiled Discord: https://discord.gg/39wbTv7


How am I supposed to import these? Every tile set that I have seen was on a consistent grid with all tiles the same size. I don't understand the layout of these asset sheets.

wondering how i can work with them in the software "tiled"


Your description of your terms makes no sense.

If you put something into the public domain, that means you irrevocably give up your rights to it, which means you no longer have the power to set conditions for what people may or may not do with it.

If you retain the right to set terms, then you haven’t put it into the public domain and saying “public domain” doesn’t grant people the rights you think it does.

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@szadiart, could you please respond to this? I am interested  in purchasing your entire beautiful bundle, but I really need to understand what the terms of use are.

I ended up buying one of the collection for this, it is that the design is beautiful. 


I will use this in a commercial game and without paying it heh

Deleted 4 years ago
Deleted post

Hey! I didn't understand can I use this asset in commercially? I don't see buy botton here

Deleted 4 years ago

And then I can use this one? Or I can't use this? 

Deleted 4 years ago

Ok! Thank you!

I bought your package, I loved it


Then rate all :) , thank you.

Love love LOVE your artstyle and color scheme. Just bought all your 16 packs today, and can't wait to see what you come up with next. Thank you for making sutch wonderful art, and offer it for sutch a nice price. <3

Thank you very much, I try workin with draw hard. Best Regards.

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