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is that a banana growing from a coconut tree

The same is on most of the games... Like Story of Seasons: AWL. I think people just don't know how bananas grow and they only know that on a palm tree. And that's what everyone associates with a palm tree.

I bought 4 materials for $49.99, and now 5 materials are only  $49.00-.-

Same here. Disappointing to have to pay the full $15 on sale, when I already paid 50 for the bundle. Another $5 would be understandable.

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relatable but the nature of how it works, your options are take the hit or wait indefinitely for a best deal. Just be grateful it’s affordable pixel art - see this all the time with high fidelity assets in every other game asset market and getting shafted hundreds and thousands of dollars. But hey can you really put a price on quality game assets with a commercial license you aren’t capable of producing on your own?

The accessibility of professional rate art assets for game production can’t be taken for granted we are blessed to have access to them at all much less without another couple figures attached to the price.

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Really good job and talented artist, the pack needs more interior stuff like your post apoclyapse pack! or you can show them us if they are on the pack i couldn't see them at demo and images at there

Very good job!

There is an object (in the ground) that I don't know if it is a stone (it is like a worm). What is?

Thanks, that is stone.

Thanks :)

I bought recently all craftland pack. It's awesome. I saw that you have a free character, but it's possible that you make a character in the line of '3 Direction NPC Characters' pack? with watering animation for example.

wow great content, good job!