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Thank you for creating awesome assets!

I used the "little green chomping guy" in my first Unity game that’s now on the iOS AppStore. Also used some of your fantastic tile sets! I’ve given credit to all the artists whose assets were used on my instagram page here:

Couldn't find an instagram account for you. If you have one, let me know so I can tag & follow:)

Hello Szadi art.!

I used your asset pack in my game.....


Thank you very much for such beautiful graphics :)

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Hello, i really like your art, i used it to create a prototype video game and participate in LMOB Beginners Game Jam #20


Can u make a spritesheet version of the player?

Used your art in my recent game! Just wanted to say that I absolutely love your art. I know you don't require it but I still accredited your work in the credits. Thank you so much for these amazing assets <3. 

Link to the game if you are interested:

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Am I allowed to redistribute these sprites?

Some free licenses allow you to use assets in a project (such as using them in a game) but not redistribute them in source form (as raw images) and you didn’t specify an actual license.

I’m trying to improve the Platformer example in my Animancer plugin but I’m not an artist so I need to find some sprites with a license that allows me to redistribute them as part of my plugin (ideally CC0).

I would of course give you credit and link back here, but I want to compile all the sprites into a sprite sheet and give fully working examples rather than needing to explain how to download and set up the sprites.

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Yes, you can use it in your project. And don't be afraid. Regards. 

Thanks for the quick reply and the awesome sprites.

In that case I would recommend specifying that the license is CC0 in the description so that you don’t have to keep answering questions about it (here’s a better page to link to).

Can I use these amazing  animations in my school project?

Yes, You can use it.

Love these! They really helped in my new project.

I'd love to use these assets in my next project, just got a few questions.

What license is this under?

Is crediting you required?


could i use these for a school project

yes :)

Would you be releasing similar characters for the top down assets?


Hi! Great pack. What program did you use to make the art? The files load weirdly in Aesprite (something about color profiles) and I found a workaround, but the Aesprite devs were curious to know so that they can see if there's a bug on their end.


Hello! It is possible to add a climb ladder movement. It would add a lot of posibilities to the character. Thank you!!


If I have more time then I will try to add.

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Thank you! Climb ladder movement and attack will be amazing! Regards!