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These new sets look beautiful! I will buy them too, just like your previous sets. You are doing a great job and I hope there will be more!

Hey, great art like always! I'll be going to purchase this one. Are you planning to continue drawing "SideScroll Worlds" pack? If so, how many sets will be out there? Lastly, when the set is completed, will there be a package for purchasing all sets?

Yes, it will be more, I have already started a new SET, and Village Pack 2 will be released soon. How much will it be, hmm, I hope I will be able to do even 10 sets. Of course (just like now) you will be able to buy everything in a one package.

Thank you, I'll be here waiting for the other sets! 


It was a beautiful setting, and I really wanted to make a high quality indie game

I bought all of your scenes before, but because my hero is very cute, the style is not uniform, so they can not be used, it is a great pity, may I ask you to customize?

I don’t understand, what kind of hero? Second thing, I do not answer in the comments, please visit the Discord server

Could you please send me an email about making scenes separately

I’m sorry but I don’t teach how to create, I’m a graphic designer. But if you want to know something more, please visit my Discord server.