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Wonderfull asset! Is it possible to set as autotile? how should the bitmask be set? Thanks in advance

Hi, looks like the lowest stair in the grass covered stairs doesn't exist so it doesn't line up with the terrain unlike the dirt stairs. You might want to fix that because I'm going to have to do it myself now.


Hey, awesome assets! I started building a metroidvania game using your assets. Are you planning to add new enviroments like this in 32x32 format?


There are plans to release at the end of the month SET2. Regards.

Thank you, looking forward to it!

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looks good overall but i really don't like the perspective on the stairs, it doesn't fit with the rest.

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Great art, hate to gripe but there's no regular (non-floating) grass stairs. 

This is the best set of platform art yet.
Love the detail and the animations. Makes it stand out among earlier tile sets. With art like this any package would be an easy buy.


amazing work as always . Can you release the same thing but top down ? 

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That's asking for a lot. Also, if it's top-down, then it's not really "the same thing". Ya feel me fam? I personally prefer playing side-scrollers, so I think this is really cool.



I've been waiting for this for a very long time.

This is a great job. Amazing.


This looks awesome szadi