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Loving your work, just bought this one, and a couple more on unity asset store, any plans on making a tavern/pub asset pack?

It's a great art. I bought it, but is it okay if I modify it slightly to fit my game?



Any plans on a 48x48 tile size version of this set?

Do you plan on adding any animations to this winter pack? Love the RPGWorlds set but the winter areas feel a bit "frozen." Great artwork btw! very talented.

The assets appearing "frozen" seems quite appropriate to a winter pack :P


I love all of your art! One issue is, making auto tiles with these assets are really hard. I know it'd will be too much to ask for, but would be really nice if there were some premade ruletiles, or slice the tiles so that it's easy to make one


I love Szadi art !

Me 2!