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Can you make me custom assets for my game I am creating? if so contact me at


Hello! Just to let you know that we have used and modified part of your free asset for Godot Wild Jam #57 entry "Reclaim!".

Thanks for sharing your work! We also shared our original designs here along with the modified assets, trying to credit everyone properly. Cheers!

Magnificent work here!   *loudly applauds*

Wow.. definitely a Diablo type vibe, looks awesome!👍

"I seek a soul in search of answers" ☺️

Nice, 5 stars

Very nice eastern style assets.

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Amazing work! i nearly bought all of your assets :) :) when im done with my first project im going to make an amazing game with these assets! keep on Szadi Art! you are a legend

Thank you, I'm trying to do my best. Regards.


Just bought all the sets! What is the best way to import this into unity? I love your art style

This looks amazing! Just out of curiosity, will you be working on any 4 directional characters to go along with these beautiful assets? 

In the future maybe the NPC. But not at the moment, because it takes to much time. At now I don't have it too much.

Do you have any recommendations of 4-directional characters from other users that might go well with these assets? :)

Even a 4 directional base would be nice for Rpg Maker or Intersect.  The tilesets are looking amazing.

he just put a townsperson Pack out


Love it :)

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Thank all for supporting me.

Your RPG art is great! Hope you keep doing more :)

Wow! Both interior + Exterior, great stuff


Love when I get the message "Szadi art. releasd a new asset pack".

Gonna buy as soon as I got money xD 

I really want to thank you, with your work I'm able to create a game i'm  dreaming of, even though it's gonna take some time to get finished  :D


Agreed! I got the email notification and came right here. This one blows me away.

"Szadi art realeased a new asset pack" is the best good morning message.