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Hi, Szadi art.

I'm fan of your art, and now I'm working on making game with the art in the bundle.

for this one, I guess it's missing the opening parts of the cave, the ones with grass.

If it's true, can you upload the part as well? 


Download again other Assets, all RPGW have entering to caves.


Oh I see. 



Got all those nice looking themes in a bundle, having some isssues working with them though. Somehow hard for me to understand what is what. Only thing I would change is provide some example pictures within those packages.

Hi Szadi art!

Just purchased this tileset (the whole bundle actually), great work, I love it!

If you don't mind, one suggestion here - could you please add some Blocked Entrances to the set? Seems pretty important for any kind of cave system.

Thank you!

I second this. While I bought this in a bundle, so I have doors in other tilesets, some kind of blocking material that fits the tileset would be interesting

I'm glad to see you making new environments, because you only had one before so I couldn't do anything with it ... now I can!

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yes, would love to see some city and castle stuff :)  Also, thank you kindly for all you do, you are appreciated.


Keep on dude, love your stuff!


nice tiles as always, city tiles with house and inner house tiles next please.