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Perfect art, spent $100 on several bundles, which is very cheap compared with the artistic value. I hope to update more animation effects in the future.

Love the art! Quick question though... is there a way we could get a download that has the assets cut out or atleast with more spacing? It's a pain to cut them out piece by piece :( 

This tileset's are good, i like everythings in the bundle... however since my hardware is not high-end enough to handle slicing too many assets for a short time... it'll be better if you split it into 2..or 3 files, I had this problem for every tileset that i bought from you

This set looks so good.  I wish it was formatted for RPG Maker MZ


Just thought I'd chime in to say I'm using your asset packs to build a virtual exploration world for our summer science camps this year. Thanks for producing so much consistently amazing work


can you please add ancient wood style bridge on this instead of the usual bridge

I’ll try to do. Regards.


I went through a week of overtime just so I could buy EVERYTHING  RPG Worlds (including the buildings).
It was well worth it! Stunning art with a lot of variety to get me started.
Looking forward to building my world and  future assets you release for RPG Worlds.


Thank you all for everything, I try hard and it also costs me a lot of time and dedication to make it look cool.


Oh yeah yeah so cool ! It would have been perfect if there was a model of the blue trunk tree  with leaf ^^

Otherwise it's getting better and better :D

I was wondering if you were going to do a "sacred/holy" rpg world theme ? Like cathedrals and yellow water, etc... 

Same for a "hellish/nightmare" rpg world.

Still, i'll buy every new asset you will give us :D