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can someone can help me with cuting the png in multiple individual objet pls

I use gdevelop

Seriously get a patreon. I'd support you!

Amazing Art and animations!

This is super awesome, thank you!

Damn, your art is just amazing`!


Seria exelente que hiciera un complemento de este asset con mas enemigos unos 5 mas y animaciones extras para el personaje como: agacharse, caminar agachado, dash, y alguna pose de celebracion.


Have you by any chance worked with studio thunderhorse ??

i was thinking about the same thin

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Deleted 3 years ago

Why? Explain please.

Too much spacings between tiles, that makes it cost alot of CPU's mem to load whole sheet

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I work with this asset in Unity and don't have any problem, that's why I don't understand the problem, maybe too weak pc (I'm not suggesting just asking).

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I can't see the original comment but I have noticed that many of these sheets are not power-of-2 sizes and contain duplicate flips, lots of space, etc that make these textures load very poorly on mobile.

HOWEVER, they are FREE and only take 20 minutes or so to pack into neat little 512x512 boxes that load just brilliantly on even the crummiest of devices. It's really not a problem. Anyone with serious concerns can just repack them. The tiles are GORGEOUS and I look forward to using them. You are a talented artist.


Se ve genial