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There is an error with the BG pngs of this package... they are all plain black with transparency... I bough it... and downloaded the version 1.1 that is supposed to be fixed... but it is not...


The BG for this asset is like a shadow, less visible because in the dark. 


It is really strange... when I post the BG image here, in the comment... inside the browser... I see the BG  nice and clear... its dark but its filled with rocks and details... 

When I open it on photoshop, windows image viewer or unity... they are completely black... Maybe its something on my computer... I have no idea...

Hi. I have bought several of your tilesets and I'm trying to integrate this one but I'm having some trouble drawing the deeper layers because in the examples you can't see them clearly. Do you have by any chance some sample screenshots of each layer separately? That way I will know how to join each piece. I can give you my info to verify I've bought them.

Download again, fix it.

Thanks, I dowloaded version PF_SET3_1.1 and I noticed you made a modification in one of the background files. Sorry, I probably wasn't myself clear, what I meant is that I would like to know if you have an example of map using the  mainlevbuild2.png and mainlevbuild3.png files separately. Your current sample screenshots show all the layers together.

any reason why the backgrounds are solid black? or am i just not looking at them right?

Can we talk friend? Do you have any email?

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Hello! I like a lot your pixel art. I purchased all your assets packs some time ago, but now I miss the new ones. It is possible to purchase the following assets in a bundle with discount?:

Magic Pixels World1
Magic Pixels Dungeon1
Pixel Fantasy Strange Mountains
Animated Character Pack
Platformer Fantasy SET1
Platformer Fantasy SET2
Platformer Fantasy SET3

Thank you very much! Regards!


There is a very big discount as a package until the end of the year "Huge Bundle 2019".

Yes, I now, but I would pay for 10 assets packs that I already paid


I'm sorry, I can't do anything else with price, the price is very good for all of my work. All individual assets have promotion -35%.