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Awesome set dude! thank you!

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Do you plan on doing any bundles? I want to buy a bunch of your asset packs, but I'm afraid my bank will flag my card for potential fraud with a bunch of purchases in short succession lol

EDIT: Nevermind, I found you actually do have a bundle going on for 10 more days and 16 hours! ( :)    Purchased. Thanks! :)

Hey dude I love your art! I was wondering if I may speak with you about adding a couple animations or some commission work to the guy above and possibly another sprite. More than happy to pay/credit for the service. Where would the best place to speak be?

Hi, szadi! Can I use your work in my game ?

You can use this asset personally and commercially. (written in the description)

Thank you very much! You have incredible stuff

Thanks Szadi.

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I am sorry but sometimes it happens, I will recognize your contribution as a donation to me. Sometimes People donate me for a "free asset". Sorry again.

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Any chance for key to any other pack in the way of I don't even how to say... I'm feeling strange :/ 

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Hello, which assets will fit with this? I want to build a game with one artist style. Could you point me something more from your library?


But I'm asking about exact example :) I've been there and seen all, but I can't image which can fit the best...

Pixel fantasy. You can build own platformer levels with all what you need.


Thank You very much. I'm trying hard with my work.

I purchase this bundle completely and happy with the assets are completely worthy thank so much my friend Szadi art now I can complete my game and as always will credit you.

Sir are you available for custom work?

Don't have a time for custom work, sorry.

No problem, keep up the amazing work!