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Hey friend! I just released my first game using this tileset and gave you credit. Thanks for creating such a gorgeous tileset and for allowing me to use it to learn how to make a game.

Hola, he creado un juego con algunos de tus assets, si gustas puedes verlo aqui, gracias

Hi, I recently published my game Light Keeper 2, which uses you asset, check it out.


Can someone help with transfering the building pieces from photos to unity? It come all in one instead of individually.

Thank you <3


Hi, I recently finished a project that uses these assets, check out the project if you're interested.

Hi there! I recently used this asset pack alongside your Castle, Caves, Pixel Platformer Set and RPG Worlds - Caves pack! Figured I'd let you know and show ya! :D

I also included your name in the credits!


Me and my university colleagues made a game for our team project using your assets. Thank you very much.

Awesome colors and great looking tiles. Parallax backgrounds don't divide evenly by 16 and therefore don't really tile correctly. Otherwise one of the best free art packs out there!

Thank you very much

Wich software do you use to make these sprites?


you can make this in any of your choice of software. It is the skill set of the user rather than what software he used. I recommend focusing on building skills instead.

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Either way, these are epic.

Thank you very much ... I will use it in the game I will ...

Hi, I appreciate your work very much, it is amazing to me what these graphics look like. I kave only one question, can I use them for my game? Of course, when I publish my game I will gladly place your social media at the end of the game, in this way i will wantto repay you somehow :D



hi can i plz use your asset for my first game that i'm goin to make ^_^



Thank You very much.

Nice pixel artist I thought he is the best and will buying more with him his assets are completely perfect for my projects high quality assets.

High quality tileset! Keep on doing those and I keep on buying

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Bought and already looks amazing as a replacement tileset in the game im making. Thanks so much for this one!!! The only thing id recommend adding is if possible an example of the tiles (such as a .tiled file maybe) makes it easier to understand.

I think I have to pick this tileset up! Good job

This tile set looks really nice. I'd like to see more similar tiles that fit together thematically; characters, mobs, items, weapons, and other area styles.