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We made with a friend a 2d pixel art adventure game using this tileset. It really served us well and looks great. Many thanks to the author.

Hey, I used this tileset in a recent game:

Words can’t express how amazing and fluid your tileset worked out. I had great fun level building. Thank you!

Thanks for your tilesets! They are great. The best I've seen out there. I have bought most of them, and I was wondering if you ever plan to release some on 32x32. Not sure about the rest of the developers, but in my case I use that resolution for mapping and it really takes a long time for me to fix each one of your tilesets every time I want to use them. Sometimes I have to extend your graphics so they fit ok and it's really a lot of work. Thanks!

I plan to build my all of next work in 32x32 tilemap.  Because I know a lot of people need it that way to build. Thank you for great opinion.

That's awesome! Thanks a lot!

Deleted 2 years ago

When I have more time, sprite animations needs a lot more time and inspiration. Now I have very little time, a lot of work and children. Sometimes I draw something at night, but I'm too tired for more.