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This really reminds me of some of the tiles from Metroid: Zero Mission. It looks great,  good job!

This is beautiful, I'm using it for a GameJam, thanks 

After some adjustment to have a proper tileset to work with the Godot engine, here is an attempt of arena for my small game to come :

I plan to buy other tilesets from your other collections in order to vary level styles.

Thank you for your work (of course, you'll be credited).

I'm working with this in Godot now! What all did you do to make it work? Seems like some assets go outside 16x16 and there's a ton of dead space that Godot doesn't enjoy, but it looks amazing! I paid for it, would pay again.

I've made a json describing the tiles : an array of structure containing name, x, y, width, height. All by hand.

Then, i've made a script under linux with the "convert" command that take the json and extract tiles.

And finally, I use all the extracted tiles as a tileset.

ah, so the tileset itself contains independent images for each tile? Or did you splice those back together into a more compact document?

Perhaps it's not the correct place to discuss about it, but it seems that godot compile all the tiles in one hidden atlas when doing a tileset I've got to ask to a godot guru on discord to be sure.

in the meantime would you be willing to share your script?

can i use this asset in my play store project?

How would I go about using it in UNITY because its all together on 1 Image..

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I used it by dropping the sprites in then opening them up in unities built in sprite editor. From there you can have unity automatically slice the sheet creating the tiles or you can set it up to use a grid size. I recommend doing it automatically. After that you can even create custom physics bounds for tiles that are not a full size. Hope this helps! 

To the creator, Great asset by the way

I used your asset for an example project for HaxeFlixel. You can check it out here. Thank you very much for this awesome asset!


Looks amazing!

yoo, this looks poggers, i think i am gonna use on a celeste mod, this looks really amazing!


Amazing! Thank you!

thank you so much for giving amazing assets for free


Just a word, Beautiful. Thank bro.

Hey! I'm using your assets in a game i am developing and there is a test version up for download! Check it out!


Is it important to give credit?


how rude of you not to give credit. I mean you getting so good asset for free. Makes some sense to give credit :)

Thanks again for good work!

awesome job! nice

Wow I love your style, is it possible to contact you for customized work?

Sorry, but i have other work, don't have time for custom work. I draw when i have a free time.