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I love the general style. It is both organic and pixel artwork and the feel is very consistent from one tileset to another. Excellent work.

Are you by any chance available for paid contract work? I really liked your art and was wondering if you do freelancing work. I need some stuff done that matches your style of 16 by 16 art. I am mainly looking for a lava cavern system with a full sprite sheet like this asset. Probably 30 to 40 pieces if not more.

Unfortunately, I have a different job and i have a limited time for drawing. Sorry, but i don't have a time for custom work.

Thank you for the reply. Your art work is really good. I look forward to future stuff. 

amazing work, I would like to see characters of this quality.

Another great set! Any plans to put everything in a bundle?

Never mind, I see you have two separate bundles. Purchased both!