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what are the slicing dimentions for this?

I love this, I bought your world and dungeon and this pack and I am planning to use both tin my game, I will definitely add you to the credits, are you okay with "Szadi Art." in credits?

Also I would love to get a castle tileset from you if you are open for comissions.

Thank you.

Heyy, I also grabbed this asset, yet I would have a wish related to the walls, because I find them very hard to work with and place them, especially straight,  can you leave me a contact so that I can describe you better what I need? The rest of the asset is very nice 

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Love it. I grabbed this set, World 1, and the Castle set (all your top-down stuff) for a hobby ARPG project. I really like your style!

Great style, variety, creativity, and choice of color!  I'm seriously tempted, but unfortunately it's lacking polish, meaning I'd have to do it myself to make it useful to me.  It's the only reason I haven't picked up any of your stuff yet.  I'll keep a watch on you though and I look forward to seeing your art.

Worth waiting, another amazing work! Do you have anything in mind for future releases / another packages? Cheers!

If I have time, of course :).