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This is perfect i gonna do my game with this, i put your name in credits. (P.S:Thx for you cuz it's free)

Simply great, we used these assets in our recently released game! Check it out in the links below:

Thanks a ton!

The skeletons are really great. I used them as the main units in my strategy. The hero is amazingly animated too, by the way.

Incredible work! <3 Could you add the shield to the sword animation? that would be SO AWESOME


Amazing free pack. Using it :-)

Would also like to see the Sword when running.

Amazing work <3

I might know the answer already but.. is there any run animation with sword for the hero ? :)

Thank You!! I used your assets for my game on:
Play Store:
Check it out if you want!!

Thanks for sharing your art, your are the best <3

Perfect <3

Nice art Can you use art my game?

Yes, you can use personally and commercially.

it's realy cool!

Can i use for commercial use too?


Can I use this for commercial use?


Thank You very much.

yey I will use with your bundles in my projects thank you my friend Szadi art.

Already repaired, I do not know why it happened, but it is already good.

Hey nice work. I have to say I downloaded mainly out of curiosity and I am surprised in a pretty good way. In my honest opinion you should put more animated gifs or a video preview of the work you've done because the static images do not reflect the quality of the overall asset. Also the archer death animation (enemy 5) is missing in the PNG folder. It appears correctly in the .psd file but were probably not exported correctly (there are blank images for me instead).