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Good job bro! <3

Hello Szadiart, brilliant beautiful sets! We did a game with it, "Jumping at Shadows! Thanks for all your stellar work! Greetings Alex

May I, if I purchase it, can I use it on the game development tutorial?

This are nice! I don't suppose that you are considering making dark tilesets with the 3/4 zelda type perspective (like some of your other ones such as rogue catacombs, craft land, etc)???  

Very nice, but I'm not seeing the Switch.


my god i love this,can i use in commercial game....


Thanks thanks and thanks. Its a fantastic science-fiction asset. I love it.

Dark and fantastic  Love it , waiting for other SETS  and Props  update    

holy  cow, duuuude dat is art <3

Oh sweet a new side view asset pack, are you currently working on others side views or are you back to top down assets? Anyway it's always a pleasure when you release a new asset.

I'm trying to share work. I'm working a bit of one and I'm coming back to the previous ones. 

And now I'm trying to do something original, it's hard to think of something, but I'm trying.

Thanks all. I working hard to do something good, and something else like other.

You outdid yourself this time, Szadi! Beautiful work! Try some 2D lighting with these tiles and prepare to have your mind blown, looks like triple AAA game!

This looks fantastic!! Thanks so much for making this 32x32!! You saved me so much work. I will definitely be buying it soon!