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Amazing Assests❤️

I do

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Hi Szadi, I used your player as the main character for my game, The Golden Pearl. Of course I credited you inside the game. 

You can check the game here if you want:

Thank you so much!

hay this is really good will i be able to use these assets in an andorid game and credit you

Hey! awesome art! On request,could you add cast spell animation?

Very good result! :O


Phlynn - Son of Crimsam

Hey dude, Thanks a bunch  .
our Unity class used your assets to teach Unity 2D , and i liked it enough to use it in my final project ( started in 2D and evolved to VR) .
I didn't have time to go crazy with the stage design , it's mostly really basic.
but you'll probably like to see how it turned  out :

what  was it made with? because it looks cool.

thanks !

as the saying goes - "made with Unity" =)

Hello. I have problem with gaps between tiles. I checked other tileset and everything works fine. Seems like I cannot make long flat platform. There are pairs that fit perfectly (left and right), but no tile for middle.

Do you take commissions?  You can message us here or Twitter to talk prices.


I really want to buy this even though I don't think I am going to use it. It's so pretty lol