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I'd love more animals and wildlife in this style.

Does it work for construct 2 / 3 ?

This asset I use for godot, how can I use auto-tiles, is there a bitmask map?

Please visit my discord server.

This is a great material. I like it very much!!!

 I can help if you want to modify this set of materials to fit RPG maker.

Can you modify the winter tree? I think trees in winter should not only add a layer of snow, but also drop their leaves.

I'm curious to know if you willl make the rpg maker compatible tile sheets and character graphics.


this absolutely beautiful I was wondering if it will work with rpg maker mz I’m really new to the whole rpg making world 😓

Nice work! But can you give the name of the crops and trees? I feel confused when I use some of them in my game

Did you get them? im looking for them as well and i dont know if im missing something


He hasn't answered me yet.

I have a discord server for questions and requests, I do not answer such questions here, sorry.


First 2D asset I've ever purchased. The bundle looks absolutely lovely. Thanks tons!


Looks great. Very reminiscent of Stardew Valley.

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Nice looking pack, just curious are you ever planning on doing a top-down enemy pack.

Yes, but first other things. 

nice glad to here it, love your art style.

Szadi just keeps generating these assets .  Great Job !

Very cute


Oooh, very nice! Just out of curiosity.. how long did this take you to complete? 

I worked with the asset long days :)