A downloadable asset pack

New version of Craftland Demo, fixed small bugs nad other. Want to build your Farming or survival game, then have a chance.

>>>The basic resource is in 16x16 format. 32x32 and 48x48 are scaled from the primary resource. 

>>>The demo does not contain .PSD files and many other things. 

>>> The full version includes a set of .PSD files with layers and shows how to build a world.

Full version of CraftLand
CraftLand Mines
Craftland Town

Craftland BUNDLE

else of my WORK - https://szadiart.itch.io

Full version included:

- A lot of possibilities to build a world.  
- 26 arable crops with icons (including fruit trees).  
- 5 types of trees with the possibility of planting.
- 10 types of mushrooms.  
- Basic mining with icons  
- Constructions, interior and exterior with furniture. 
- 3 types of work benches (and three possibility to upgrade).
- Animated water, ocean waves and waterfall.
- And much more. 
- 2 Animated animals for a meat (three colours versions) 

>>> License for Everyone.

You can use the Licensed Asset to create Public domain and free to use, personal or commercial.

You can use the Licensed Asset: 
(a) edit and modify, cut and change the asset used for commercial purposes;  
(b) sell works created with the assets; 
(c) publish on websites related to graphics, games and similar. 
>>> A Licence does not allow the Purchaser to: 
(d) Use the Licensed Asset or Derivative Works in a logo, trademark or service mark
(e) Resell it, original or modified;


CL_DEMO.zip 461 kB


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Hiya just downloaded the demo and have to say I wish itch had a "wishlist" option since I would put this on my wishlist..