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thank youuu

Nice bro. Thanks! Melee Sword Attacks System for GDevelop by Game2DOM (

How many pixels tall is the character?


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Hi, I recently published my game Light Keeper 2, which uses your asset, check it out.



Any chance you could add a walk animation to this? Any game involving stamina needs walk as well as run.

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AM I ALLOWED TO BUY EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS? i want the charecter as a boss

what tileset sheet?

qual pack que tem esse tileset?

Hey Guys here is my Video game i ve created by using this asset and its ben super perfect awsome 2d platformer story game :) based on real Gladiator SPARTACUS hope you try, have fun and give nice comments 

thank you so much for this great asset dear creator btw 👍

It looks very nice, but he can hang, but not climb up...

Thank You! this one the best pixel art i have ever seen

Thank you!

There is a hanging but not a climbing animation. Can you pls add ledge climb animation? 

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whats the size?

Character height 48pix, sprite sheet is in block 128x64.

Good job!

Great job.

More characters in this style are needed to form a uniform style.

Awesome work! I can feel the game behind this inspiration. I love this direction. I hope to see more!

Beatiful work! What would the maps be for this asset?