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I absolutely love your asset packs and have purchased most all of them. What I want to do is make rule tiles in Unity, but I'm clueless as to the layout you are using in each sheet (except for props and animations). 

The hardest part about using huge spritesheets like this in Unity is that building without autotile is tedious and makes it a very monotonous experience. 

If you could share a map in any format (Tiled tmx would be awesome) it would be very helpful as a reference. 


I bought the entire top down and sidescroller set the other day and look forward to also buying this magic lands set . A volcanic set would indeed be great as would any other dystopian or dark theme. 

Bought !
As the other, it's very nice ! It will fill perfectly in my game, as said before i really hope for a volcanic theme a day ^^

An "horror" lovecraftian style would be so cool too !


The next (world) will be volcanic - especially for you (but in 2D Magic Lands).