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Hiho, isnt there waterfall (left, right, down) for rpg world?
It would be amazing to have.. i saw this one has but :( why not for rpg world?

I bought your bundles  but still don't now how to set the autoTile

How to draw the bitmask  could help me with that

Hi There I am loving all your sets. Do you have any advice on creating the maps? Did you hand craft them or use an editor (such as TileSetter or Tiled)? I can't seem to make the tilesets work for me with AutoTiling, and would like to avoid hand crafting them. I'm using LDtk.

You can use it with auto tiling.

Thanks. Which technique did you use to create the screenshots? Did you use an editor?

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Hello ! Love your works, i'm gonna use it in my project MMo BeastRealm made with intersect, everything is nice (well, except the animation format for the water things ^^") .

Is this one "compatible" with Rpg world ?  I mean, it's the same king of graphics yes ? 

 I'm in dire need of a Volcano type asset and would gladly buy it if you ever do one !

Also looking for a Dream and Nightmare kind of asset, also beach like and jungle too !

Thanks again for these one !

I second this guys request !! ;p

Same style but not compatibile to mix them. have other colours. 

Yeah, i've already made little tests and it can bend, I've tried some water animated but it's kind of complicated to blend with it.

can you add a mars sci-fi variant of this map? in 32x32 please

hope there would be a way to connect this with your rpg worlds

I did not get to see your previous reply for some reason . Are you planning on making a few more of these magic lands sets ? 

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Yes. Five assets is the minimum of set. 

sounds great 👍 will look out for the others .